Foot & Ankle Care, Exams & Checkup

Patients often want to know what to expect during their visitation with our doctors. On arrival, a thorough medical history is obtained on the paperwork that a patient will fill out. Our doctors will then review that history and fill in the details of the patient’s health history during the interview prior to physical exam. The historical review will be a general medical history as well as a problem specific review.

The doctors will then focus on the problem with a complete physical exam of the foot and/or ankle. They will usually assess four systems as part of this exam:

  1. The Circulatory
  2. The Sensory
  3. The Skin Quality/Appearance
  4. The Musculoskeletal System

This can be a very general overview when a diagnosis is vague or focused analysis when the problem is more defined.

Our doctors will often order further studies such as xrays, blood work or MRI to help bring the diagnosis into focus. Once a diagnosis is obtained, a plan can be devised on how to counter the problem to bring it to resolution.

The doctors at Colorado Podiatry Consultants are very good about presenting  a menu of options in dealing with the problem. These options can be non-surgical, surgical or both. A very thorough description of the treatment approach is offered such that the patient and physician are on the same page in why this is suggested and what to expect in terms of outcome. The patient is often encouraged to provide input regarding which course of action would fit best with their life circumstances.  Once a plan is devised, our doctors will supervise the patient’s  progress until the problem is a  thing of the past.

Colorado Podiatry Consultants, PC specialists of the foot and ankle.