Nail & Skin Conditions

Nail discoloration, like dark spots, bleeding or discharge from the sides or tip of the nail should be checked promptly. While cancerous lesions rarely occur on the feet, when they do the nails are frequently where they occur.

Athlete’s foot is a common skin infection of the feet caused by a fungal infection that usually occurs between the toes or on the bottom of the feet. Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus that becomes active when exposed to a warm moist environment. While it is commonly thought to be found in locker rooms, the truth is that the fungus is present anywhere people walk barefoot such as locker rooms, health clubs, swimming pools and hotel rooms. Shoes and socks provide a good breeding ground because they tend to accumulate moisture from perspiration or the environment. People with diseases that lower their resistance to infection are also at an increased risk for fungal infections and should take preventative measures to avoid exposure to this condition.

Your feet contain 250,000 sweat glands and can excrete as much as half a pint of moisture each day. The tendency to perspire excessively is called hyperhidrosis. In addition to causing foot odor, damp feet can promote fungal infections. If you have sweaty feet, be especially careful to keep them clean and dry. There are a number of antiperspirant powders or sprays available. Take the time and change your socks whenever they become damp.

Chronic, itching, dry skin can be caused by eczema or athlete’s foot, both conditions that are easily treated. However, this can also be an early symptom of psoriasis or diabetes. Any skin dermatitis that remains persistent and fails to resolve in 7-10 days should be examined by a doctor familiar with skin conditions.

With the large number of skin care products available without a prescription, it is easy to fall into a pattern of playing “skin treatment roulette”. These products are almost always out of pocket expenses that are not covered by health insurance. They can make an easily treatable problem more complicated and extend the recovery time.

The diagnosing and treating these skin conditions of the feet is as easy as getting an appointment with a podiatrist experienced in treating skin conditions.

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